To hell and back

We traveled to La Paz by bus from Copacabana, for a fleeting visit to do death road. The bus ride was interesting as we stopped after 45 minutes to catch a boat across (as Copacabana is not connected to the land mass of Bolivia). We left at 1.30pm and got to our hotel at 5.30pm. We stayed at York B&B for two nights which was ok. It cost $285 bolivianos (approx $58 NZD). We went to a really nice Vietnamese restaurant for dinner (Vinapho), which was a 2km walk from our hotel but worth it! I had been missing some spice. I had the chicken Kung Pao and Max had the Pho Xao Bo, which cost $125 bolivianos (approx $26 NZD).
The next morning we were picked up at 7.30am to do death road. We did the tour with Ride On which cost $90 USD each. The day was really fun, with some nice people and good food. Our forearms were aching by the end and our hands were pretty shot too but good fun. The guides were really fast and it was fun trying to keep up with them for as long as possible. It wasn’t quite as scary as the hype made out to be, but it was good practice for summer in Canada. It was a long day, we got back to our hotel at 8pm.

We took a bus to Copacabana for a night, staying at Hotel Mirador, which had a nice view of Lake Titicaca, but the toilet seat was broken and I had to ask for towels.. It cost $122 bolivianos (approx $25 NZD), but was one of the worst places we have stayed so far.

The next day was the bus ride from hell! Although it was cheap, costing $100 bolivianos each (approx $20 NZD), it wasn’t worth the agony. We left Copacabana on the Titicaca bus at 9am and arrived in Puno 3 hours later. We had an hour wait then got on a different bus (Libertad) where the trouble began. Soon after leaving Puno we had a child sitting beside us who spat on the floor, threw rubbish/fruit peels on the floor, and was constantly jabbering/climbing on seats, while the mother couldn’t care less. Additionally, a local woman threw plastic bags outside (we counted 4) while the bus was moving. We finally arrived in Cusco at 8pm (we were meant to arrive at 6pm) and then tried to get a taxi to Illariy, but the taxi decided it was too bumpy and made us walk the last km even though it would have taken him a minute.


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