A week in Lima 

Let’s start off by saying one week in Lima is far too long!We used green taxis (shared with 2 Germans) which cost S/.60 (approx. $26 NZD) to get to Miraflores for the 4 of us. We instantly felt a bit on edge with the crazy driving, swerving and traffic.

Our first 3 nights we spent at Casa del Mochilero. This hostel was surprisingly nice. We had a private room with a bathroom and a shower with massaging heads! Oh the luxury while backpacking. The cost per night was S/.70-82 (approx. $30-35 NZD) depending on using Booking.com or not. The location was a bit far from the centre of Miraflores, but was only a 10-15 minute walk to get into the centre. 

Our remaining 4 nights we used Airbnb which wasn’t quite as nice. We should have stayed in the actual hostel as this place was packed, loud and ongoing construction (which we were not warned about). The cost of 4 nights was $116 NZD. Not a great first experience using Airbnb.

During our time in the Lima district, we went on two free walking tours around Lima and Barranco (based on tipping only), went to the movies to see Fantastic Beasts with Spanish subtitles, went to the river stone (artificial) beach, tried out the local food joints and went to the chocolate museum. 

The walking tour in Lima took us to the Plaza de Armas, where we saw the change of guards, various churches, the oldest house in America, the old train station (now a literary museum) and had a Pisco sour tasting. We then walked back to Miraflores which took 2.5 hours… It was interesting though to see the difference from Lima to Miraflores.

Barranco is known as the bohemian area of Lima. It had some interesting mixes of classical and modern architecture, but in my opinion, Miraflores is much nicer.

The chocolate museum and the cat sanctuary in Kennedy Park were my highlights of Lima. Max’s highlights were the food and chilling by the beach on the big river rocks.

We did a lot of walking and got to know the area much faster. We had planned to go surfing but I couldn’t stomach getting into the filthy water. Nothing bad happened while in Lima which we were a bit surprised by but there are a lot of security guards… not sure if that made us feel any safer though.

We found Lima to be more expensive than Cusco with a lot less to offer. 3 days would have been more than enough, but hindsight is great like that.


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