Festivities in Valdivia 

We arrived back in Valdivia via Narbus, which cost $32,000 pesos for both of us (approx $78 NZD), earlier than expected to spend Christmas with my best friend Amber, her family and Pablo’s family. The weather was a lot cooler than Santiago and a lot wetter too! But it meant we got some much needed rest and recovery.We spent just under 3 weeks in Valdivia/Niebla. During this time we helped with some renovations of Amber’s new apartment, nothing too strenuous but we did lay all of the click floor tiles in the two bedrooms and the lounge. It was actually a lot of fun and we learnt a few new skills for when we get to buy a house.

We found a cute little restaurant in Los Molinos on one of our ‘days off’ and had some delicious salmon, fries and wine overlooking the ocean. The salmon was pretty reasonably priced at $5,000 pesos each (approx. $12 NZD).

Christmas Eve was a little bit Kiwi with roast lamb and pavlova for dinner. On Christmas Day we experienced a small tremor, me thinking Max was wriggling in our bunk beds, and constant tsunami warnings on our phones. Luckily it was just a precaution, and no big waves could be seen from Niebla. Note: Chile has a good alert system connected to every Chilean cellphone number which sends you a message if you are within the potential tsunami zone.

Pablo’s mum (Yessica) taught us how to make the famed pastel de choclo, which was amazing but it takes a lot of time and corn! It consists of onions, fresh corn, milk, mince, chicken, eggs and seasonings to taste.

On New Year’s Day, we got to enjoy a Chilean barbecue, which consisted of a lot of lamb and beef (making Max extremely happy), drinks and Chilean salads. It was delicious and ate more than our fair share.

We bought a car.. there will be a blog specifically on the process we took, and pointers for what we would do next time!

We went to the Kunstmann for dinner one night which was really enjoyable, but I had to drive back to Niebla so not much drinking for me! We had burgers with fries (or sandwiches as they are known here), which were massive and under $5,000 pesos each (approx $12 NZD). Delicious! This is a must see while in Valdivia. Note: Chileans eat burgers with a knife and fork which Max found a lot more difficult than he had anticipated.

We went stand up paddle boarding with SUP Travesias (http://www.supvaldivia.cl/) along the San Pedro river (a Christmas gift from Amber and family), which was delightful! We had such a great time with our guides, and paddled around 9km. Lunch was included and was more than enough, and there was even a sneaky chocolate bar!


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