The GRAND Canyon 

We left Henderson early (at 8am) and set off for the Grand Canyon. The drive took us around 4 hours, with very little to see but Desert. We arrived at Tusayan (Southern Rim) to pay the park entrance fee of $30 USD/$43 NZD (needed if you drive your own vehicle or take the shuttle). We opted for the shuttle as we heard parking was limited and thought it would be easier. We went to the east rim first and walked 6 miles (return) to Skeleton Point (on the Kaibab Trail), which was fun on the way down, but poor Max got heat stroke on the way up! We watched the sunset on the west rim which was beautiful but extremely cold. The vistas were amazing and we had the perfect day for it. We waited around for buses and arrived back at our car at 8.20pm to drive to our hotel/Inn in Flagstaff. 

Start of the Skeleton Trail

First check point down


Finding inner peace!

East Rim

Skeleton Point

West Rim

Freezing and watching the sunset

5 minutes before we arrived, I got an emailed saying our reservation at the Travel Inn (also known as the Autolodge) was cancelled! Damn. When we got there, we got a rude, lying and manipulative owner who overcharged us $15 USD/$21 NZD! Some girls in front had the same thing happen so I think it was a ploy to make more money. Needless to say we were angry and exhausted so weren’t in the mood for a fight. The next day, decided to head back to Henderson as soon as possible via the Hoover Dam and stay at the same Airbnb. Max really enjoyed the dam, and the engineering side of it, whereas I thought it was meant to have more gushing water… We went to see the Lake Mead viewpoint which was beautiful, but we saw enough to not need to visit the park.

Hoover Dam

The white is where the water once was!

Selfie at the dam

Other side of the dam

Dam walls

View of Lake Mead


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